Early Intervention

This program addresses drug and alcohol issues. Our primary customer are youth who have indulged in illegal alcohol or other drug use and can benefit from education and self examination. This is not aftercare or a substitute for chemical dependency treatments.

This is a four-week program in which facilitators meet with both the parents and adolescents. The groups run separately but during the same time frame. There are some actitivities in which child and parent meet together.

Age Group: 12-18 plus parent or guardian

Studies have shown that it is helpful to share concerns and feelings with others in a group meeting. Through this interaction with others who have similar feelings and experiences, people learn to accept and deal with life circumstances in a more effective manner.

New sessions begin the 1st Wednesday of each month from 6:00-8:15pm. Session fee is $99 for each parent/adolescent group.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when I will begin Community Early Intervention classes? When ordered to attend Community Early Intervention program by your school or the juvenile court, an administrator will fax a referral form to the Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Council where the classes are located. The referral forms are placed in the order they are received and you will be placed in the next available class. A letter prior to the date will notify you that you are scheduled to begin the class. Any questions about scheduling should be directed to Christi Valentini at (513)868-2100, ext. 235 or Jennifer Benson, ext. 222

What are the class requirements? Attendance, by both student and guardian, is required at all four (4) classes. FULL payment by the last day of class to receive certificate of completion.

Where are the classes?? Classes are held at 2935 Hamilton Mason Road. Directions are provided in the letter sent home notifying you when classes begin. Classes are on Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 8:15 pm for four (4) weeks. Both parents and students must attend all four (4) classes.

How much does the class cost?? How do I pay?There is a $99.00 fee. All payments must be by CHECK or MONEY ORDER made payable to the Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Council. NO CASH.

NOTE: Partial payment must be made on the 1st day of class. The remaining balance can be paid over the four weeks. FULL payment must be made by the last day of class to receive credit for the course.

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