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In addition to allowing you to fulfill your court-mandated requirement, the intent of the Access Ohio Driver Intervention Program is to help individuals understand the role that alcohol and other mood altering chemical substances play in their life and the issues with driving under the influence. We hope this will help you take the first steps toward building a positive lifestyle and avoid future legal consequences.

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OMHAS) require that you complete 72 consecutive hours of driver intervention education. Therefore, if you must leave early before completing our program or arrive late, you will be required to return and complete a new 72 class in it's entirety. You will not be returned your money for the class that you did not complete and you will be responsible for the additional cost of completing another program.

The Access Ohio DIP program will not accept payment at the program. In order for your spot to be reserved payment and registration form must be completed. You will receive an email confirmation once your payment and registration has been received. We operate on first paid first served basis. If we receive your payment and an opening is not available, we will contact you be phone/email.

Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel for any reason, cancellation must be made ten (10) business days prior to the program to avoid a $175.00 rescheduling fee. Permission to reschedule must first be made with the referring court. We must have proper documentation from the court (verbal or memo) granting permission to reschedule.

To help you get the most out of this weekend, we ask that you follow these guidelines. Please give us a call if you have any questions:

  • Bring your own toiletries and clothes for three (3) days, dress is casual. Towels will be provided by the hotel.
  • Cell phones and laptops are permitted but must be kept in your room at all times. If they are brought into the classroom, they will be taken from you and returned at dismissal.
  • No alcoholic beverages and or items containing alcohol.
  • Any alcohol-based items will be examined and may be held by the staff and returned to you at the end of the program. Be aware that your luggage will be searched during the Thursday evening intake process.
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medication MUST be in its original container and the label must be clearly legible. Bring only enough medication to last for the 72 hour weekend program.
  • No mood altering substances are permitted unless they have been prescribed by a physician and are approved by our staff.
  • You may bring snacks, juices and soft drinks. All items must be unopened and in original containers or packages. There are markets in the hotel where you may buy snacks.
  • Neither Access Ohio nor the hotel will be responsible for cars in the parking lot or their contents. If you must keep your car at the program site, be sure to remove any valuables.
  • Bring your insurance card in case of emergency.
  • You must complete the entire 72-hour driver intervention program. If you must leave the premises for any reason or arrive late, you will have to return at a future date and complete the program. This is due to state regulations.

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