Prevention Program

The Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Council's school-based Project SUCCESS Program is designed to modify the behavior of an individual at risk of becoming a substance user, or who is currently using substances and/or is experiencing anger issues. This is accomplished through one of our Teen Issues/Healthy Choices Groups.

Our Goals are:

  • To Promote education and awareness among high risk adolescents on alcohol and drug use emphasizing life, legal and health issues.
  • To decrease problem behaviors in order to enhance school performance
  • To decrease use or cessation of use of alcohol and drugs among high risk adolescents.
  • To develop effective communication skills for improved family relationships

Our curriculum is geared to address the specific needs of children in grades 5 thru 12 such as:

  • Peer pressure/Friends
  • Self-esteem/Respect
  • Drugs/Alcohol
  • Coping skills/Stress Management
  • Group Diversity/Violence
  • Parent Communication
  • Anger/Conflict Management
  • Feelings
  • Depression/Grief/Loss

*Complete curriculums for early intervention groups and more information available by calling the main office at (513) 868-2100

Criteria For Involvement

  1. Grades 5-12 (special emphasis on transition years)
  2. "At Risk" students should be referred to the group sessions. Factors that place youth "at risk" for drug and alcohol use:
    1. Anti-social behavior
    2. Lack of motivation to complete school work and/or poor school attendance
    3. Academic failure
    4. Lack of refusal skills
    5. Family structure and management problems
    6. Violence issues and/or anger management issues
    7. Lack of appropriate social skills
    8. Suicidal or homicidal ideation
    9. Low self esteem
    10. A high crime/high drug use environment
  3. Students are referred by the school staff: Counselors, teachers, administrators and support staff. Parents may also make referrals for their child to attend school groups.
  4. Special needs students and disruptive students are discouraged from being referred to the program due to facilitators time frame and training.
  5. Whenever feasible, students with a strong social connection are assigned separate groups.
  6. Students receiving counseling services outside the school setting as listed below are not eligible for services:
    1. Substance Abuse/Dependency after care (The Early Intervention Program is not to be utilized as a substitution for substance abuse treatment after care.)
    2. Prior or current substance abuse treatment

Active and appropriate conduct in group discussion
Follow group rules
Consistent attendance

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